History of Thuro Metal Products’ service to the Aerospace and Aviation Industries

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, Thuro became a leading supplier of precision hydraulic tube fittings and the component parts used in Military Aircraft, becoming a key supplier to the Resistoflex Corporation, who developed and trademarked the Dynatube name, and her licensees. The foundations of Thuro were built on making these critical components which, at that time, were used in the high volume production of flight-critical systems used in Military Aircraft built during the arms race of the Cold War Era. Titanium was the primary material used in the closed, hydraulic systems used for flight and engine controls on the U.S. Military’s F-series fighters. These closed systems require parts without burrs, to maintain the function of seals within the system. The hydraulic tube fittings also have areas where surface finish is critical, due to the use of metal-to-metal seals. These metal-to-metal seals are typically required in areas of the aircraft where temperatures do not permit the use of conventional seals. This required the development of tooling and machine processes capable of providing excellent surface finishes on exotic alloys, and required constant monitoring and inspection to maintain consistent surface finishes and to confirm the absence of burrs. Although the demand for these components has been dramatically reduced due to the end of the Cold War, Thuro still provides support directly to the United States Government and her Allies for hydraulic tube fittings as needed, by maintaining the necessary tooling required to produce these parts.

Thuro Metal Products’ three areas of specialization as a Supplier to the Aircraft Industry today are as follows:

Component Parts for Interior and Exterior Aircraft Lighting and Cabin Systems

Building on the ability to provide excellent finishes on machined metal surfaces, as well as being equipped with the latest Multi-Tasking CNC Turning and Milling machine technology, Thuro has become the leading supplier of precision machined hardware used in lighting and airflow systems in the interior of Corporate Jets.

Our service to this segment of the industry started in 2002 when we entered into a Long Term Supply Agreement for a family of 90 individual components. Since that time we have taken on the responsibility for all aspects of the metal finishing, thus enabling our company to become a full turnkey supplier. This also entails managing all post-machine metal finishing, which is critical for these “elite” components.

Thuro is also expanding turnkey machining and metal finishing support to clients who design and furnish high quality, state-of-the-art lighting, media and data systems for commercial jetliners, including the Super Suites now offered on commercial airlines.

In 2012, Thuro also began supplying precision machined components for exterior aircraft lighting applications.


CNC Milling and Turning of a Flange for the Aerospace Industry

Components Parts for Precision Aircraft Fittings used in Fuel Systems

In addition to the high volume production of tube fittings on Automatic Screw machines, the acquisition of the latest, Multi-Tasking CNC Turning and Milling machine technology has enabled Thuro to expand into the production of other types of precision machined fittings used in fuel systems for the purpose of extending the flight range of aircraft built for the commercial market.


CNC Machining of a Fitting for the Aerospace Industry

Component Parts for Aircraft/Aviation Consumables

Starting in 2004, Thuro Metal Products began serving the high volume, precision machining needs of those who design, test and distribute the consumable components used in aviation. These components are primarily used in piston-type aircraft engines, specifically in aircraft engine ignition systems as well as connectors used in aircraft engine oil filtration systems.

aero3 Production Machining of a Flash Suppressor for the Defense Industry

Multi-Spindle Automatic Turning of an Open Sleeve for the Aerospace Industry

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