Thuro Metal Products has been a supplier of precision machined component parts directly to the United States Government as well as to private defense contractors for 42 years. In the beginning, most of the components produced for the government were Military Ordnance used in timing devices, weapon components and components for weapon systems. This included housings, buster casings and firing pins. In 1975, Thuro began to produce high pressure Tube Fittings used in Hydraulic Systems in Military Aircraft. In 1978, Thuro Metal Products began supplying the component parts used in connectors for Military Communications.

aero6 Production Machining of a Flash Suppressor for the Defense Industry

Screw Machining of a Spanner Nut for the Defense Industry

In 2000, Thuro Metal Products became a leading supplier of precision machined housings and the chassis which house and protect mission-critical electronics which govern aircraft radar systems. In 2005, we began supplying medium to high volume precision machined components used in Night Vision Systems. In 2009, Thuro accepted a large contract for Flash Suppressors, supplied directly to the Defense Logistics Agency. That year, Thuro also entered into a sizable contract to supply critical hardware made from Titanium 6al-4v used in Military Jet Air Craft engines.

aero4 Production Machining of a Flash Suppressor for the Defense Industry

Production Machining of a Flash Suppressor for the Defense Industry

Thuro presently has multi-year contracts with Prime Government Defense contractors as well as direct government contracts to supply replacement parts as well as critical components for new systems. During wartime, Thuro ramps up, and during peace time we ramp down and shift resources to our core business which is the manufacture of precision component parts for commercial applications.

Thuro maintains an extensive approved supplier base for all pre and post machine material processing requirements, including Government Packaging and labeling in accordance with Mil-STD-2073-1D.

See an overview of our Quality Management Systems as well as our ITAR Certification to support requirements in accordance with our Department of Defense contracts as well as contracts with Prime Government Contractors.