Thuro’s balanced exposure in serving the needs of four distinct industries – aerospace & defense, automotive, industrial, and lighting & optics – promotes the cross pollination of learned and applied industry specific techniques and practices. Through our continuous learning, practice and ongoing implementation of industry specific methods, Thuro simply has a bigger “toolbox” than the vast majority of our competitors. That’s why our customers depend on us for not only the part – but the partnership.

Our cross pollination of applied industry specific tools and techniques provides Cross Pollinationnumerous advantages from preventing defects before they occur to continuously improving efficiencies throughout the entire organization. For example, the application of tools used in the automotive industry’s pre-production approval process enables Thuro to gain a competitive edge in medium-to-high production projects for the aerospace and industrial markets.

More specifically, the automotive supply chain requires that participants engage in a high level of advanced quality planning. Even more specifically, the most efficient and cost effective way to launch the production of a component part is to validate the adequacy of the process for quality and throughput prior to production.

Aerospace with a heavy emphasis on ongoing validation and verification of input materials as well as the selection, verification and the management of the supply chain leads to even further risk mitigation to all our clients regardless of industry.

For our clients who design or produce products used by industries outside the very specific aerospace and automotive markets, we lend our exposure to both the rigor and discipline throughout the automotive and aerospace quality management systems.

Cross Pollination

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