President's Message

Employing European craftsmanship and American ingenuity, we keep our clients “Globally Competitive.“

David Thuro, President's Message

A Word from our President, David A. Thuro about our Company and Culture:

“The tradition of growing a company utilizing European-born and trained technicians has continued. This cluster of craftspeople, who are not only highly skilled but also pioneers, defines us and who we are to this very day. We believe that these old world skills in tool design, tool making and process engineering, coupled with American Ingenuity and the latest machine tool technology, truly provides our customers with the best of both worlds. Our Management Team is committed to retain and pass on these basic skills and the understanding of precision machining to our new associates. We are also committed to the application of the latest machine tool technology in part production and part processing. To succeed in this global economy, we must never forget and therefore must continue to teach the fundamentals that are the foundation of our success. At the same time, we must also embrace and apply new technologies with the aim of increasing part production capability in quality, complexity and throughput. These innovations in domestic part production are what ultimately guarantee that our standard of living as Americans will continue to improve. Our mission is to combine all of the collective, accumulated knowledge we possess today with new technology, to achieve what the market will expect tomorrow.”