Quality Management Systems

Every Operator is an Inspector

Long before the terms “Empowerment” and “Total Quality Management” became catch phrases, Thuro instituted quality procedures with a simple yet profound concept: that every operator is not just an operator – but an inspector. Little did we know, the concept would foster the nurturing the growth to quickly become a key component of our success.

Our innovative gage design, coupled with our skilled tooling department to produce gages, meant our machine operators could accurately and quickly check complex parts right at the machining center. Combined with digital readout gauging to support direct input using SPC software, Thuro developed a faultless system to ensure all products meet customer requirements. “Every Operator is an Inspector” was the first of many quality management systems Thuro would promote in all phases of component part manufacturing.

Automated Vision and Part Probing Coordinate Measuring System What does quality mean to us? From our assemblies, outsourcing and deadlines to our process as a whole, it means we’re not satisfied until our customers are 100% satisfied. That’s why we offer a portal to help manage our relationships. Our risk free order experience is a smart way to pay for the perfect part…and nothing more.

At Thuro, it’s not just the part – it’s getting there on time. From our right on time delivery to the quality of our parts, Thuro maintains a quality score of 99% to outproduce our competitors who typically receive a 95%.

We’re not satisfied until our customers are 100% satisfied. Quality management is the reason our customers not only rely on us for their precision parts, but count on us as trusted partners. Thuro is in accordance with ISO 9001, AS 9100, and ITAR certification standards and compliant with TS 16949 standards.


Thuro TruPerfection™... Our promise to provide the perfect part.

Our quality and inspection process is so thorough that we can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with this unique service that instills complete confidence in our customers.