Our in-house metal finishing services make us a single source solution for metal products and turned parts. Instead of having multiple companies handle your parts, let us do all the work from start to finish.

At Thuro Metal Products Inc., we use only the most advanced equipment. Our multi-tasking machine center and full-service tooling design make us a leader within the industry. We are constantly investing in new equipment and ways to make our process even more efficient.

Not only do we provide turned parts at high and low volume production, but we also provide our customers with in-house metal finishing services. This ensures a lower total cost and the ability to trust just one company with your parts.

We serve multiple industries and have more than 40 years of experience. The industries we serve include:

  • Aerospace – Component parts including hydraulic tube fittings, aircraft lighting and cabin systems, fuel systems and aircraft/aviation consumables.
  • Defense – Numerous parts including those used in timing devices, weapon systems, hydraulic systems, housings for electronics, night vision systems and more.
  • Automotive – Parts used in automotive hydraulics and fuel injection systems.
  • Industrial – Component parts for the bearing and linear motion, oil and gas, agricultural, pharmaceutical and HVAC industries.
  • Lighting & Optics – Parts for optics, medical vision enhancement systems and high end lighting applications.

Our equipment has the ability to do more than just create a part. With versatile machines, we are capable of turning, drilling, slotting, boring, tapping, numbering, on-machine threading, post cut-off forming and back finishing. We work with a number of different metals including copper, titanium, aluminum, steel and brass. We also specialize in machining stressproof steel.

Quality Parts at Low Prices

At Thuro, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality parts at the lowest total cost possible. We work hard to ensure you get exactly what you need and we specialize in eliminating non-value items from the manufacturing process. We want you to only pay for perfect parts and nothing extra.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and unique processes ensure we run better than the competition. It starts with the automated tool management system and moves on to the cleaning system, measuring system and the ability to finish in-house. As a metal finishing service company, we make sure you get the final part delivered to you, ready to go to market.

Every one of our operators has been empowered to also be an inspector. This helps to ensure part accuracy without making the process long and tedious. Since we use this type of strategy, we maintain a 99% quality score compared to the competition, which maintains a 95% quality score.

We are never fully satisfied until you’re 100% satisfied. Our value-added services ensure you get the most for your money with only the best parts possible. If you’re in need of a metal finishing service company, call Thuro today and ask about our TruQuoteTM process. You’ll receive a quote much faster than the competition and have the ability to make a decision sooner.