At Thuro Metal Products, we offer multi spindle screw machine products and turned parts. Our versatile equipment can run up to an 8 spindle setup. We even handle all the tooling in house to help keep your costs lower.

We offer automated screw machining services to produce high quality parts in a cost efficient manner. Our machines work with parts up to 7″ in length and ranging from 1/4″ to 2 3/8″ in diameter. We even provide very low tolerances at plus or minus 0.0005″.

Along with running multi-spindle set ups, our equipment can handle many necessary processes including boring, drilling, turning and slotting. We can even handle on-machine threading, tapping, numbering and pick-off for back finishing or post cut-off forming.

At Thuro, we work with a number of materials including steel, copper, titanium, brass and aluminum. We also specialize in machining stress proof steel. Strict ISO-certified quality procedures are followed at all times to ensure you receive the highest quality turned parts possible.

Our strategic supply agreements provide production in mid-volume quantities on an on-going basis. We guarantee you will have the parts you need on time with a wide variety of component parts to choose from. We serve many industries including industrial equipment, automotive, aerospace, agriculture and defense.

Why Choose Thuro

All parts created by Thuro Metal Products are backed by three value-added services. First, we offer Thuro TruQuoteTM, which gives you the benefit of getting your quote quickly. We know time is important and speed to market matters. With our TruQuoteTM process, you get simple quotes in hours and complex quotes in just a day or two. No more waiting days or even weeks just for a quote.

We also offer our Thuro TruCostTM service. This service allows you to gain complete optimization throughout the entire process from selecting the raw materials to delivery. We eliminate all non-value added activities to give you a fully holistic manufacturing process. With Thuro TruCostTM you’re guaranteed the lowest total cost.

At Thuro, we are dedicated to creating only the best quality parts. Our TruPerfectionTM guarantee provides 100% customer satisfaction. If the parts don’t meet your needs or standards, we will find the issue and find a solution, whether it’s with the supply, packaging, cleaning, delivery or an outside process. Our dedication to 100% customer satisfaction helps to ensure you only pay for the perfect part and nothing more.

When you choose to partner with Thuro for your multi spindle screw machine products and turned parts, you gain a partner, not just a maker of parts. Our ability to run both high and low volume productions gives you a turnkey solution to your needs. We handle everything in-house, as well, which helps to keep costs down and ensures you don’t have multiple companies touching your parts.

If you want a quicker path to market and you want to ensure the lowest total cost, contact Thuro Metal Products today. Let us show you how we can make a difference for you.