Thuro Metal Products is one of the leading OEM parts CNC machining suppliers in the business. We provide the latest equipment and technology to ensure the lines continue moving. Our production process is the most efficient you will find and guarantees more speed to market with on time delivery.

Our commitment to supply management expertise ensures quality work. We have acquired a number of quality certifications to guarantee compliance and only the highest quality parts. When you need OEM parts from a CNC machining supplier, Thuro is a name you can trust.

CNC Turning Services

At Thuro, we provide CNC turning services for leading companies in the aerospace, automotive and general industries. We have more than 40 years of experience and use only the latest technology and equipment. Our state-of-the-art ISO-certified facility provides more than 70 turning and milling centers.

Specializing in mid-volume production, our live tooling and spindle abilities allow us to create parts with a single set-up. We use lean principles throughout our operation to ensure the lowest total cost. We also offer many secondary services to ensure start-to-finish production.

CNC Swiss Turning Services

With the ability to fabricate close tolerance small parts, along with long, narrow diameter cylindrical components, our CNC Swiss turning service provides lower job costs, higher quality and faster turnaround times.

These machines don’t work like a conventional lathe, which require the part to remain stationary and the tool to move. With a Swiss-type machine, the tooling remains stationary and the part moves. This allows for less part deflection and increased accuracy. Our CNC Swiss turning services provide OEM parts with tolerances of plus or minus 0.0002″.

Production CNC Milling Services

At Thuro, we also provide precision CNC milling services with tight tolerances. Our capabilities allow us to create parts with tolerances as tight as plus or minus 0.0005″ from a number of different metals, including alloy steels and aluminum. We even provide expertise with machining stress proof steels.

Our production CNC milling uses the latest horizontal and vertical machining technology capable of deep hole drilling, thread milling, profile milling and complex drilling. Our design-for-manufacturing services allow for each remaking of existing parts and a more cost-effective production.

With a large inventory of CNC machining equipment, we are able to give customers shorter lead times, without any sacrifice in quality. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction through a holistic manufacturing process providing the lowest total cost. Our dedicated staff brings more than 40 years of experience to the table to ensure every need of our customer’s is met. We follow a strict ISO-certified quality management process and adhere to many industry standards, including ASTM, SAE, ASME and Mil-spec.

As a leading OEM parts CNC machining supplier, Thuro Metal Products Inc., is dedicated to customer satisfaction. We save you time and money with a lean manufacturing process, the most efficient quoting process in the industry and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you need OEM parts created and manufactured, call us today and find out how we can make a difference for you.