Since 1989, Thuro Metal Products Inc., has provided the Oil & Gas industry with specialized components used in production. We have become a key well fittings supplier within the industry including charge cases and caps made from alloy steel and stress proof steel. We also provide extensive experience in creating machined components for ported gun perforating systems.

As a leading oil and gas well fittings supplier, we invest in new technology and innovation regularly. Our equipment and facilities only use the best machines and the most up-to-date technology. We provide a full, state-of-the-art facility capable of production in both high and low volumes.

Close Proximity to Clients and Vendors

The Thuro Family founded Nytex Automatic Products in 1988 located in Fredericksburg, Texas. By founding this company, Thuro has the ability to specialize in the Oil & Gas industry and supply precision machined components to the industry. Proximity to key clients within the industry provides the ability to create a lasting relationship. We have also showed a great commitment to building the community and growing jobs in Texas.

High and Low Volume Production

Our customers in the Oil & Gas industry often require both low and high volume production of well fittings and other precision components. We have created consumable caps made from stress proof steel and used in oil well perforating for clients needing 200,000 per year. Our capabilities also have allowed us to create component parts used in well drilling made from 4140 pre-heat treated steel for clients needing only 850 per year.

Our fast, optimized setups and versatile equipment allow us to supply parts in both low and high volume. These capabilities bring more value to our OEM customers as we become the single source solution. High volume orders just mean adding more hours to the day for ongoing delivery.

Why Choose Thuro?

Thuro Metal Products Inc., has become a leading Oil & Gas well fittings supplier. We give all of our customers three value-added services to guarantee speed to market, quality parts and the lowest total cost.

Thuro TruQuoteTM

The process starts with a quote. At Thuro, we don’t make you wait days or weeks to get a quote and make a decision. Instead, we use our TruQuoteTM process to ensure the fastest possible quote with great accuracy. Our efficient quoting process gives you simple quotes in just hours and more complex quotes in a day or two. You can go to market faster by making a decision sooner.

Thuro TruCostTM

We also guarantee the lowest total cost through our TruCostTM value-added service. TruCostTM allows us to eliminate non-value added activities giving you a holistic and lean manufacturing process. We optimize every facet of the manufacturing process to ensure you pay for perfect parts and nothing more.

Thuro TruPerfectionTM

Our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee is known as TruPerfectionTM. With this value-added service we ensure your parts meet your needs and standards every single time. If there’s an issue with a part, we will find a solution.

If you’re looking for a well-fitting supplier with a commitment to quality, speed and lower production costs, call Thuro today.