At Thuro Metal Products Inc., we provide precision machining for multiple industries. With a commitment to quality, speed and low costs, we provide you with the ability to go to market faster without sacrificing quality. It starts with our state-of-the-art facility and finishes with an innovative, holistic approach to manufacturing.

As a leading precision machining supplier, we must stay ahead of the competition. Investments in new technology and equipment are normal for Thuro. We only use the best equipment and technology available to ensure our manufacturing process provides everything you need for the lowest total cost.

High and Low Volume Production

Our versatile equipment helps to make sure we remain as a single source supplier. We have the ability to run high and low volume production with exceptional efficiency, quality and cost-competitiveness. For Thuro, higher volume orders just mean minimal labor costs. We spread the cost and overhead across multiple hours and our machining experts shorten the learning curve for product launches. This allows us to deliver high volume orders with lower costs to our OEM customers.

Our equipment is also capable of running low and medium volume production for precision component parts and assemblies. We ensure the fastest and best setups with the best pricing and lead times available. Typically, inspection slows down low volume production, but our capable inspection department ensures everything runs smoothly and on time. We don’t use any complicated purchasing or routing procedures. Instead, we just provide a seamless low volume production solution to meet your needs.

Single and Multiple Spindle Automatic Screw Machining

At Thuro, we provide the ability for single to 8 spindle setups. All tooling is designed and manufactured in house, as well. With these capabilities, we offer high quality and lower costs with great precision.

Our equipment performs many processes including boring, slotting, drilling, turning, numbering, tapping, on-machine threading, back finishing and pick-off for post cut-off forming. We work with many different metals including copper, brass, steel, aluminum, titanium and stress proof steel. By employing strict ISO-certified quality procedures, we guarantee high quality parts with on-time delivery.

Get Parts When You Need Them

Our strategic supply agreements allow us to supply you with parts when you need them. We specialize in on-going production and manufacture parts for many industries including automotive, agriculture, aerospace, industrial equipment and defense. With capabilities for low, medium and high volume quantities, we lead the way for precision machining suppliers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Partnering with Thuro means you’ll be 100% satisfied with the parts and price. We strive to provide the best parts, at the lowest total cost possible. With holistic, lean manufacturing, fast and accurate quoting and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you’ll never be disappointed.

We carry an above industry standard quality score of 99%, while competitors often receive 95%. Our commitment to quality, on-time delivery and low costs will help ensure you go to market faster and for less money.

If you’re in need of precision machining, call Thuro today and find out how we can help.