Thuro Metal Products Inc., has extensive CNC machining capabilities. We keep lines moving with highly efficient production giving our customers on time delivery and better speed to market. With supply management expertise, Thuro provides the perfect part.

Our team of experts has acquired many certifications for training, performance and quality. We guarantee the lowest total cost, top quality parts and back it up with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

CNC Swiss Turning Services

When you need incredible precision, you need Swiss screw machine products and turned parts. The capabilities of a Swiss machine compared to a traditional lathe are simply amazing. Our CNC Swiss turning capabilities create ultra-precise tolerances of plus or minus 0.0002″.

Unlike the conventional lathe, a Swiss-type machine moves the part instead of the tooling. The parts are held tightly and moved along the Z axis by rigid guide bushings. This helps to eliminate any part deflection and provides increased accuracy from the machining process.

Our capabilities with the Swiss-type machines allow us to work with multiple metals including:

  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Titanium
  • Most type of Steel
  • Stress Proof Steel

We can fabricate parts from 2 to 32 millimeters in diameter and up to 14 inches long. With  7axis control, our Swiss machines allow for more versatility. We can even perform automatic loading with the bar feeders, which allows these machines to run lights-out.

Multiple machining processes are also possible including grinding, gun drilling, knurling and complex thread milling. All can be achievedin just one set-up allowing for faster production and the elimination of secondary operations.

At Thuro, our CNC Swiss Screw Machines allow us to give customers faster turnaround times at lower costs. We even fabricate all tooling in-house to save you even more money and time.

Adding Value to Our Partnership

When you choose Thuro for your Swiss screw machine products and turned parts, you create a partnership with a manufacturer dedicated to quality. Our highly experienced staff will help assist you with design-for-manufacturability assessments. We also offer value-added services to ensure you pay for only perfect parts and nothing more.

Our Thuro TruQuoteTM process gives you peace of mind knowing you’re getting a highly accurate quote in less time. We want to guarantee your speed to market, so we provide simple quotes within hours and more complex quotes in a day or two. No more waiting days or weeks just to make a decision.

In addition, we provide our Thuro TruCostTM value-added service, which ensures the lowest total cost. By eliminating all non-value added activities from the process, we promote a lean, holistic manufacturing process for a full turnkey solution to your needs. No more paying for unnecessary activities during any part of the process.

Our Thuro TruPerfectionTM value-added service also ensures 100% satisfaction. If, for any reason, a part fails to meet your standards or needs, we will find the issue and provide a solution. We want to eliminate all risk from the ordering process and make sure you’re only paying for the perfect part and noting more.

If you’re in need of Swiss screw machine products and turned parts, call Thuro today for the most efficient quote in the industry.