At Thuro Metal Products Inc., we have become a leading supplier of component parts in many different industries. Our state-of-the-art equipment has allowed us to become a leading tapered shafts supplier, along with a leading supplier of other component parts for the bearing and linear motion industries. With regular investments in the latest technology and equipment, we provide our customers with faster speed to market, lower costs and the highest quality parts available.

Bearing and Linear Motion Industries

For more than 25 years, Thuro has served as a leading supplier for precision machined components in the bearing and linear motion industry. We remain as a key supplier for those distributing and assembling worldwide. Our extensive experience includes secondary machining, machining and post-machining services on bearing sleeves in 440 and 52100 series stainless steel, spherical bands, guide rinks, end rings, pillow blocks and tapered shafts.

Thuro also specializes in making self-clinching, self-aligning bearing housings and sleeves. Our components are used in some of the best industrial and commercial equipment available worldwide.

High, Medium and Low Volume Production

Our state-of-the-art facilities, investments in equipment and technology, multiple quality certifications and decades of experience allow us to become a single source supplier. We have capabilities of running high, medium and low volume production for many component parts. Our in-house tooling department helps to streamline the process, while our holistic approach to manufacturing ensures you only pay for value-added activities.

At Thuro, we believe in providing only the best quality parts at the lowest total cost. Our team of experts ensures smooth production and on time delivery because we provide the technology and equipment necessary to perform all types of operations. Typically, the inspection process slows down low volume production. However, our large and very capable inspection department actually speeds up the process making the operation seamless.

When it comes to high volume orders, we provide minimal labor costs because of our ability to spread overhead and equipment costs over multiple hours. Larger orders usually mean just adding more hours to the day for ongoing delivery.

Thuro Value-Added Services

Along with our ability to deliver high, medium and low volume production, we lead the way with value-added services. It starts with our Thuro TruQuoteTM process, which is the most efficient in the industry. You don’t have to wait days or weeks for a quote. Instead, we provide simple quotes in just a few hours and complex quotes in one or two days.

As a leading tapered shaft supplier, we also guarantee the lowest total cost through our Thuro TruCostTM service. TruCostTM promotes a lean and holistic approach to manufacturing ensuring all non-value added activities are eliminated. From raw material selection to delivery, we give you an optimized process for lower overall costs.

You’re guaranteed 100% satisfaction through our Thuro TruPerfectionTM service, as well. TruPerfectionTM provides the ability for risk-free ordering as we guarantee every part will meet your needs and standards. If it doesn’t, we will track down the issue and find a solution. You only pay for perfect parts and nothing more with TruPerfectionTM.

If you’re looking for a tapered shafts supplier, call Thuro today.