As part of a longer term growth strategy, company adds two state of the art CNC Machining centers.

Brentwood, NYThuro Metal Products (TMP), an important supplier to OEM’s of precision component parts for Automotive, Aerospace/Defense, Lighting, Optics and Industrial Equipment, is keeping its commitment to invest over $4 million to expand its machining capabilities.  TMP has embarked on an aggressive plan to continue its growth and is near closing on the purchase of Plant #2, a 24,700 sq. ft. facility, which currently houses TMP’s Business Development Office, Automatic Screw Machine Departments, Material Sawing, Bar Preparation Department, Raw Material and Finished Goods and Inventory storage. Half of the space has been developed and is in present use. With the acquisition of the facility the unused space will be modernized to house state-of-the-art equipment and new staff.

While taking advantage of regional tax incentives to purchase Plant #2, Thuro also committed to investing in new equipment and creating additional jobs. “The decision to add two Star SB-20 Type G CNC machines to our existing fleet of precision metal fabrication tools was a natural next step”, according to company President, David A. Thuro.  “Coupling the latest technology and best production equipment, together with a highly skilled and dedicated staff is part of our heritage”, continued Thuro.

The ongoing investment into precision tooling is part of what makes Thuro an industry leader in segments such as Global Machine Screw manufacturing. Research completed by Market Insights Reports places Thuro in the top three for 2017.

Sam Handle, VP of Business Development at Thuro commented, “We feel that our commitment to invest in new equipment and our employees will enable us to be around for at least another 50 years, as we continue to serve our loyal customers while at the same time attracting new ones to join us”, concluded Handle.

Daniel Rivera, Thuro Metal Product’s VP of Manufacturing comments he is excited to attend the Precision Machine Products Association National Technical Conference in Columbus Ohio this month.  The focus of this year’s Conference, which brings together top talent from around the Industry is “Rethinking Talent and Technology.”

David Thuro is also attending the conference because he believes workforce development is a critical success factor. David comments, “True talent development takes dedication and persistence.”   Finally, “I am blessed with a team that enables me to spend at least 2 days per month working on developing tomorrow’s work force.”  For me this endeavor is job # 1.