U.S. Manufacturing Advocacy

Thuro maintains the experience, skill and innate understanding of the manufacturing process to help promote and enhance a positive business climate for US manufacturing. Our strong, exclusive and mutually beneficial partnerships strengthen our support for US manufacturing and the need to compete in the global marketplace.

With our support for U.S. Manufacturing Advocacy, we are also committed to participating in manufacturing events each year, which allow us to open our doors to the community and educate next generation leaders.

“Manufacturing Day℠ is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers.” Thuro has been participating in Manufacturing Day℠ for the past three years, opening their doors and inviting visitors into their facilities. With growing interest and participation from year to year, Thuro has expanded their one-day event to hosting three separate events scheduled on three separate days. Last year Thuro even partnered with another local manufacturer to accommodate over 200 attendees, wanting to experience first-hand modern manufacturing, in order provide a quality experience to each of them.

“There is nothing more gratifying to us than opening our doors and showing tomorrow’s workforce what modern manufacturing looks likes, first hand.”
David Thuro, President

This event is open to students and instructors that are U.S. citizens or permanent residents for a tour of a C.N.C. production manufacturing plant featuring over 60 C.N.C. milling, turning and Swiss machines. After a tour of the facility, David Thuro, president of Thuro Metal Products, Inc., will speak about the history and future of C.N.C. production as well as the future needs of the manufacturing industry.

Save the date to visit Thuro for Manufacturing Day 2016 – October 2016

Visit Thuro
If you are interested in visiting Thuro’s facilities for a private tour or would like to find out more about our participation in Manufacturing Day, please contact:

Peter Hamblen, Engineering Support

Brian Lane Talks with David Thuro, President of Thuro Metal Products, on Manufacturing Day at Thuro facilities.