Who We Serve


Thuro is proud to serve engineers by value engineering both the product and the process. From our optimal metal materials to our 5-axis machinery to simplify potential kitting of components, we always deliver the best quality and value to provide engineers with the lowest total cost.

Thuro Metal Products has the experience and resources to support the three main areas where Engineers work to bring a design to fruition: design, estimating and process selection.

Specifically we can support Engineers through:

  • Sharing our experience with alternate materials
  • Design for manufacturability review and feedback
  • Reverse engineering assemblies and then providing design support of individual components
  • Metal finishing and heat treating options and alternative processes

Progressive Supply Chain Managers are looking for Suppliers who are experts in their field which possess the willingness and capability to participate in “Big Picture” thinking. However, the Supplier must also have a team will diverse perspectives and experience with each member being willing and able to dive into the details by supporting various departments including Estimating, Engineering, Quality, Logistics and Procurement to supply/produce a part whose price is competitive, meets all drawing specifications and is delivered on time.

Key benefits Thuro lends to Supply Chain Management:

  • Continuity and consistency of supply
  • Scalable Manufacturing
  • Turn-Key processing

Thuro Metal Products understands that Quality requirements are dynamic not static. Without a process for continuous improvement a vendor is not able to continuously meet expectations. We are passionate about process improvements which enhance process capability and which eliminate waste.

Key capabilities we are able to afford to Supplier Quality Management:

  • Extensive experience in the Automotive Advance Product Quality Planning (APQP) method
  • Consultation and sharing of best practices for high volume production gaging techniques
  • Usage of extensive validation and verification tools to predict defects prior to occurrence

For our Procurement/Buyers, Thuro value engineers both the product and the process for the lowest total cost. We respond to RFPs in 24-72 hours and always ensure the commercial aspects (price, terms, etc.) support the financial needs of the company. This support includes:

  • Timely, accurate communication
  • Ability to reduce lead time and cost
  • Flexibility
  • Reliability of product
  • Comprehensive and immediate problem resolution regardless of the cause or fault